Our History

Our History


THE BEGINNING — Would you believe that before we were consumed with creating practical ways to process waste, our Technical Development team was working primarily on complex composite parts and tooling for space and aerospace programs? That’s right—over the last 20+ years, our CEO, Peter Janicki, has led teams to develop materials and manufacturing processes in the composite and large scale machining world at Janicki Industries that have now become industry standard. This leadership in innovation is exactly what attracted the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to approach the Janicki team to assist them in solving the sanitation challenges in the developing world. The fact that we were not already entrenched in the conventional systems used to mitigate waste problems allowed us to approach the challenge from a different perspective.

INTRO TO SANITATION — In 2011 we accepted the Foundation’s challenge to address the universal problem of waste. The team recognized this as an opportunity to develop technology that could make a major impact in the world: Over 700,000 children die each year due to poor sanitation, and millions more are impacted by various other effects of inadequate sanitation. This was unacceptable to us, and we knew there had to be a better way. We took the time to study the problem both technically and on the ground in the neediest communities to the point where Peter himself became violently ill on one of his trips to Africa. Lying in a hospital that was filled to capacity with others in the same pathogen-stricken state provided increased resolve and re-born optimism to solve this problem in a big way. To realize this vision, Janicki Bioenergy was established in 2014 with waste processing and waste-to-energy as its core focus.

TECHNOLOGY REALIZATION — The first Janicki Omni Processor, model S100, was manufactured in 2013 and has been operating in Dakar, Senegal since May of 2015. The S200 doubled the capacity of the S100 and is currently operating in Sedro-Woolley, WA. It is expected to ship to West Africa in 2017. Many other additional technologies are also under development at this time to address sanitation concerns from the larger scale community approach all the way down to the household level. Janicki Bioenergy continues to develop these technologies and build partnerships that will be foundational for realizing the global impact of these cost-effective solutions.


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JANICKI MACHINE DESIGN is founded by Peter & Susan Janicki


Janicki Machine Design becomes JANICKI INDUSTRIES


Janicki builds team to work on projects for the BILL & MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION


The JANICKI OMNI PROCESSOR concept is inspired


Janicki's OP S100 is MANUFACTURED & ASSEMBLED in Sedro-Woolley, WA USA



Janicki OP S100 plant undergoes TESTING and modifications

The Janicki OP S100 becomes the DAKAR PILOT plant

JANICKI OP S200 DESIGN phase starts

The Dakar Pilot plant produces POTABLE WATER


GatesNotes.com features BILL GATES drinking Janicki Omni Processor water

SENEGALESE ARE TRAINED on machine maintenance


Dakar Pilot is COMMISSIONED in Senegal


The S200 IS COMPLETED and tested